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I'm Debbie Shadid, Wedding Business Success Coach.


Need to book more brides? 


I specialize in teaching wedding pro's how to book not just more brides, but better brides. Knowing how to attract the perfect bride for you will help you reach your big business goals. I’ve had the unique opportunity to spend thousands of hours talking with wedding business owners worldwide on how to create their one of a kind business brand so they can get noticed and booked by brides they love. And today, I’ll be sharing 4 proven strategies that are easy to follow that can be implemented today.


In this free workshop I teach the exact strategies I used to transform my wedding business. I learned how to crack the code to success. {AND it works for my clients too!} My wedding business is continuing to grow after 20 years and I want to show you how I did it.  These are simple principles anyone can apply to their business!


These steps work for venue owners, bridal boutiques, wedding planners, florists, photographers; it’s worked for all my small business bosses. I’ve taught and mentored countless biz owners, helping them finally have the success they had been dreaming about.


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