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MARCH 17, 2021


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Women's Business Growth Academy

​Are you a midlife successful women who is finally ready to grow your business to a full-time income?

  • Grow your business with simple proven marketing.

    • Focus on things that move your business forward .
    • Stop wondering what to do - I’ll show you what to do.
  • No more wasting time.

    • Focus your limited time doing the tasks to make more money instead of wasting time wondering what to do next.
  • Stay accountable, keeping you on track with weekly Q & A.

    • Workshop style learning to complete your tasks.  


Academy Roadmap 


Step 1 - What's so special about you? 
If you don't know - you can't sell your services.
People hire you, buy from you.

It's all about you.


Step 2 - Getting your business noticed.
Total business review- refining the look, the words, and adjusting

everything &/or anything to be paid what you're worth.


Step 3 - Making a plan that won't fail.
Packages & Offers.

Working on a plan for consistent income. (Cashflow!)


Step 4 - Marketing
Why are you making it so hard?
Simple ways to reach people.
Social media made easy.

Strategies to keep you consistent.


Step 5 - Words that Sell
What you say matters, where you say it matters, and

how you say it matters even more.
Writing tips.
Copy tips.
Tools to use to make it simple.


Step 6 - Solving Tech Overwhelm

Small website tweaks to increase client response.

Email set up and systems.

Apps for increasing productivity & more.


Step 7 - Your Network is Your Net Worth

Grow your net worth.

Simple steps to connect, get a referral, & build relationships.


Step 8 - How to stay on track.

Accountability hacks to set you up for success.


Step 9 - Numbers that make a difference.
How to be more profitable. (Tracking, it's simple.)
Leads, bookings, sales, referrals, and more.


Step 10 - The mindset of business success.
Making better decisions.
Finding doubt.
Changing your mind to change your results.


Step 11 - Analyzing success.
Assessing your success to duplicate what worked and eliminate what didn't.


Step 12- Create a 12-month marketing plan.
Building a marketing plan that sets you up to keep consistent business coming in.

A plan to eliminate the worry of what to do next.


Success Stories

See what's happening for clients right now.... 

Venue Owner

Grew her venue bookings from 40 in 2018  to 80 in 2019 bookings, to her having best year in 2020 and now has 85 bookings already secured for 2021 and

the year hasn't even started!

Musician & Teacher

Started less than 30 days ago and has booked 4 events. Plus: she has designed her brochures, established her prices and packages, updated her branding and website. 

Boutique Owner

 Grew her business in the last 3 years to over $500K (up from $340K) and is meeting that same number in 2020  half million dollar sales revenue - even after being shut down for weeks because of COVID.

Bridal & Formalwear Consignment Boutique

Is exceeding her last years' numbers to have her best year ever, and she too was shut down for weeks. Upon reopening she also worked with very tight restriction. Shop doors locked and by appointment only. 

Event DJ & EMCEE

Has topped her total dollars from last year (her 6th year in business) by $7K. She has also revamped her website, all her processes, and has over

25 bookings for 2021.

Health Coach

After years of being stuck, she is finally putting herself out there. She is telling people how she can help, and she is offering to help. This might not seem like a big deal to you but for someone who has wanted to do this for years, finally know how to do this AND doing it is a huge win.

I help women GROW their BUSINESS to make more money and have more freedom in their schedule. 


 I started my first business as a solopreneur in 2000.  My mission for helping women in business was born out of my experience.  


Back in the day when I launched my company, there were no resources for "how to" run a small business.  As part of my business, I offered business consulting, which meant I had to become the expert for my business to survive and eventually thrive.


I silently suffered from worry and doubt for many years.   I worked countless hours at the expense of spending time with my family.


 I read every book I could find to guide me to become a better, more profitable small business owner and to become a better consultant for my business clients.  


In 2013 I hired my first coach, and I've never stopped.  Education plays an essential role as I continue to advise women on how to grow their businesses.


Over the last 20+ years, I have helped hundreds of women in all types of businesses with experience levels worldwide.


The women I work with are good at what they do, and they have a real passion for their service or product. Where they fall short is in the knowledge of all things business. How to get more clients is the most common concern they have. Women come to me and say, "I'm Stuck."


Today, I empower women with the tools to step into a CEO role to finally make more money. 

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